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Mike also keeps the hands busy on fiddle and other instruments.

A bit of this and lots of that….

With a day-job background in journalism, education and public relations/marketing, Mike’s never taken a break from making things in his free time. His primary two-dimensional media are printmaking and painting. He is also attached to 3-D art/craft and metal sculpture including knifemaking. He has a secondary teaching minor in fine arts, but by far the bulk of his approaches were self taught through experience and a wide and deep stubborn streak. He is blessed with a fantastic family.

His take on the artist in all of us: “Everyone is born with the drive to make things, just look at kindergarteners’ finger-paintings. They make nothing but masterpieces…free, alive and vibrating with energy. But as we age we find other channels for our creativity, such as sports or academics, or we no longer trust our self-worth to what may be perceived by others as unhip, unsophisticated abilities. In other words we grow out of it or have it beat out of us. The most lucky of us never gave it up; most of us can always find it again.”

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