The Who’s of Gubbart Staff

Ben mug

Ben Aubert

shelter cove 10-2 14 015

Steve Ladd

mike mug

Mike Lee

We are Ben Aubert, Mike Lee and Steve Ladd, three close friends of more than 45 years who are reigniting our art careers after extensive breaks—some decades long—for raising families and sustaining relationships, holding “honest” careers and/or “real” jobs, and other usual suspect distractions. Gubbart is a blend of a Swedish word (gubbar) that means crusty old guys (us) and our passion (art in many forms). Via Gubbart we are now offering two- and three-dimensional creations to those individuals or businesses looking for fine, distinctive art to complete their vision or jumpstart their imagination for a homespace or workplace. Our pieces can be instinctive, Zen-like, provoking, dynamic, shiny, mind-bending, soothing and just good to look at. But each is one of a kind…like its maker and also like those of you who will want to take an artwork home to live with them.

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