Put the Bleeding Edge on the Wall

Gubbart staff reports and views:  Mike Lee suggests channeling your next tech urge into something more soul satisfying…

In 1986, I bought one of the first Macintosh computers Apple made. The Macintosh Plus was all the rage, with a roaring 1 megabyte of RAM. I recall that was twice the memory of its predecessor.

The local computer outlet was running a super special, offering the Macintosh Plus and the Image Writer dot matrix printer for the low price of $3,000.00 for the bundle. That was a discount of almost $300 off list prices.

It was cool, useful for word processing, and much more intuitive than the Commodores or IBMs on the market. I still have the receipts somewhere, and never since have I bought any one piece of technology for that much cash. I was making $8.50 an hour at the time, and had never spent that much money on a car (in face, probably all my cars combined). It was my sole foray into the seductive “leading edge (more descriptively known as”bleeding edge”) of consumer electronics.

By the mid-90s, Apple and IBM and third parties were building towers with lightening fast processor speeds, hard drives with unheard of storage capacities, and CD drives instead of floppy disks. The Mac Plus was an expensive doorstop.

However, if it weren’t for me, and the many, many thousands of others willing to shell out hard-earned wads of cash for the Mac Plus in the late ’80s, all those big and fast computers might never have happened. We paid for the next generation of tech.

Ever since, a widening swath of consumers have similarly been paying it forward as they toss aside their last generation of personal technology and rush out for the newest TV, mobile device, etc. It has become so crowded on the “bleeding edge” that it’s scarcely an edge any longer…..more like a plateau.

How about taking a breather from the treadmill, and sinking some of the tech bucks into original art? If you choose it with your heart and your head, art will not become outdated. It has the capability of become more integral to your life, instead of becoming stale. Go to an art gallery, a local open studio or art walk, or look around on gubbart.com. Unless you insist on “name” painters, you can get amazing art for reasonable prices.

Granted, you can’t and don’t lean on art like you lean on technology, with the expectation it will do something for you pronto. Instead you rest your eyes and your mind on your art, and let it and yourself build the expectation.

Let someone else finance the next must-have technology. In a year you can probably get one for free when you open a bank account.


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